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In Remembrance
(By Deceased Year)

      We fondly remember our friends, classmates and faculty who have passed away. They will be missed. Some individual obituaries are available and may be viewed by clicking on the name.  Recent additions are indicated by a .
      Click on one of the links below to view a list of deceased faculty and alumni by class year.
     Obituary notices may be sent to tishomingoalumniassociation@gmail.com.
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  Chris Shelton (1947)
  Todd May (1985)
  Sheri Ranee [Rider] Imotichey (1992)
  Clara Bell [McLean] Black (1955)
  Tommy Keel (1968)
  Jo Ann [Ned] Patton (1957)
  Thomas J. "Tom" Morrow (1961)
  Juanita Virginia [Cox] Thomas (1939)
  Elizabeth Carol "Liz" Imotichey (1969)
  Michael Paul Henderson (1998)
  Bobby Johnson (1960)
  Lema Glenn [Branum] Ayers (1949)
  Timothy Mark Byars" (1978)
  Coach Gerald D. Utley" (Faculty)
  Edith Mae [Browning Mitchell] Hood (1949)
  Billy Tom "B. T." Erichsen" (1960)
  Riley Gene Rhodes (1960)
  Betty Earlene [Stokes] Northcutt (1952)
  Carolyn June "Shug" [Curry] Burris (1951)
  James Edward "Ed" Chase (Class of 1951)
  Frances Laverne "Pinky" [Rowe] Hughes (Class of 1948)
  Jackie Bradley Black (Class of 1994)
  Myrna Loy [McDonald] Neely (Class of 1956)
  Jack Harold "Grumpy" Maxwell (Class of 1976)
  Daniel Parker (1961)
  Jeffrey Shane Griffith (Class of 2013)
  Phillip Grady Ballard (Class of 1958)
  David Ray "Smitty" Hallmark Class of 1973)

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