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2014 Alumni Reunion Update
Please mark your calendars for June 28, 2014. That is the date for the Annual THS reunion banquet and dance. We have 3, yes 3 band playing after the banquet. Southern Breeze will kick things off around 7:30. They will play till 9:30. Stongwood then takes the stage and will play till around 1 maybe later. Johnny Beaver '74 and his orchestra will play during breaks of the 2 bands. The day begins at 5 with a meet and greet with the dinner starting around 5:30. Mike Vandeveir is catering the banquet and has promised a great meal of barbeque and all the fixings. All this is taking place at the Johnston county fair barns south of Murray State College. And yes they are air conditioned. Cost is $15 per person. Registration info will be on this our web site, in the Capital Democrat and on Facebook at a later date. Let's make this a memorable night for all.

Our account name is Tishomingo Alumni-Association We are growing fast and now have 1619 FRIENDS.. Help get the word out to your classmates.

Following is a list of Individual Classes on Facebook. If you want a GROUP for your class, let us know here or on Facebook and well will set it up. Facebook Privacy Options for Groups

  • 1957 - Open
  • 1959 - Open
  • 1962 - Open
  • 1963 - Open
  • 1964 - Open
  • 1965 - Open
  • 1966 - Open
  • 1967 - Open
  • 1968 - Open
  • 1969 - Open
  • 1970 - Closed
  • 1972 - Open
  • 1973 - Open
  • 1974 - Open
  • 1975 - Closed
  • 1976 - Open
  • 1977 - Open
  • 1978 - Account
  • 1979 - Open
  • 1980 - Closed
  • 1981 - Open
  • 1982 - Open
  • 1983 - Open
  • 1984 - Open
  • 1985 - Closed
  • 1988 - Closed
  • 1990 - Closed
  • 1991 - Closed
  • 1992 - Open
  • 1993 - Open
  • 1994 - Closed
  • 1995 - Closed
  • 1996 - Closed
  • 2000 - Closed
  • 2001 - Account
  • 2002 - Open
  • 2003 - Open
  • 2004 - Open
  • 2005 - Closed
  • 2010 - Closed
  • 2014 - Open
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    Tishomingo Alumni-Association. Add yours now so other classmates can communicate with you.

    We currently have 418 email addreses in our database. Add yours now so other classmates can communicate with you.

    page has been added containing a list of our teachers who taught at Tishomingo down through the years. Check it out and let us know if we've missed anyone or need to make any corrections.

    wOw! It was great having the Alumni reunion, banquet and dance again. Good job Kenny and alumni supporters!!

    Contact Alumni Officers
    President: Kenny Emerson '74
    Vice Pres: Sherry [Yochum] Smith '80
    Sec/Treasurer: Lorry [Jones] Essary '73

    If your class Yearbook is not being DISPLAYED send us a photo and we will post it. e-mail us

    Southern Oklahoma History includes what might be familiar places for Tish Alumni.

    Left Blank
    olunteers needed. Without volunteers and participation the alumni association will fail. Your Class Chairperson is a very important part of our Association. They perform many functions - assisting in maintaining their class mailing list, helping guide the Association to grow and prosper, and preparing for the annual reunion. If your class doesn’t have a chairperson, consider volunteering. .

    Class Reunion Planning
    Step-by-step instructions

    2015 Reunions

    School Photos
    Pam [Mason]McGlocklin '78 has volunteered to create a "slide show" for the 2014 reunion of school days photos. The catch is that you will need to send photos to Pam.

    E-mail us
    th Reunion for Class of 1955 Class chairperson is "___Volunteer Chairperson___" Left Blank
    No Facebook Group Tish Class of 1955

    Web Site 60th Reunion Information

    th Reunion for Class of 1960 Class chairperson is Sherry [Upton] Thompson Left Blank
    No Facebook Group Tish Class of 1960

    Web Site 55th Reunion Information

    th Reunion for Class of 1965 Class chairperson is "_Volunteer Chairperson_"

    Facebook Group Tish Class of 1965
    Web Site 50th Reunion Information

    45th Reunion for Class of 1970 Class chairperson is "_Volunteer Chairperson_"
    Facebook Group Tish Class of 1970
    Web Site 45th Reunion Information

    40th Reunion for Class of 1975 Class chairperson is "_Volunteer Chairperson_"
    Facebook Group Tish Class of 1975
    Web Site 40th Reunion Information

    35th Reunion for Class of 1980 Class chairperson is "_Volunteer Chairperson_"
    Facebook Group Tish Class of 1980
    Web Site 35th Reunion Information

    30th Reunion for Class of 1985 Class chairperson is "_Volunteer Chairperson_"
    Facebook Group Tish Class of 1985
    Web Site 30th Reunion Information

    25th Reunion for Class of 1990 Class chairperson is "_Volunteer Chairperson_"
    Facebook Group Tish Class of 1990
    Web Site 25th Reunion Information

    20th Reunion for Class of 1995 Class chairperson is "BJ Ryan"
    Facebook Group Tish Class of 1995
    Web Site 20th Reunion Information

    15th Reunion for Class of 2000 Class chairperson is "_Volunteer Chairperson_"
    Facebook Group Tish Class of 2000
    Web Site 10th Reunion Information

    10th Reunion for Class of 2005 Class chairperson is "_Volunteer Chairperson_"
    Facebook Group Tish Class of 2005
    Web Site 10th Reunion Information


    We’re loyal to you Tish O High. The red and the white Tish O High,
    We’ll back you to stand, you’re the best in the land,
    Cause we know you can win, Tish O High.
    Go crushing ahead, Tish O High, the red and the white Tish O High.
    Our team is the best protector, our team will win,
    we expect a victory from you Tish O High.

    The mission of the Tishomingo Alumni Association is to:

    Promote camaraderie among all graduates, staff members, and supporters of the school,
    Provide ways and means to support members and relatives of members seeking higher education degrees,
    Recognize and commend graduates and staff members who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the world, nation, state, and local community, and
    Maintain a purposeful information system that promotes communication among its members and supporters.

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